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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-workout 30srv

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Optimum Nutrition have done it again - the long waited arrival of their fantastic new Gold Standard Pre Workout has been worthwhile as this fantastic, premium quality product is set to impress you with the level of focus, endurance and enhanced performance it has to offer.

Optimum Nutrition have held true to their principles as an industry leading brand, ensuring that Gold Standard Pre-Workout is certified as completely free of banned substances. That’s right, Optimum Nutrition has no need to offer a cheap stim filled high when instead they can offer so many proven, effective and quality ingredients in the one product. If you are looking for the next pre-workout experience to revolutionise your training then you have found it!
•Promote mental focus and energy
•Enhance muscle endurance
•Increase muscle strength
•Certified banned substance free
•Great flavour
Gold Standard Pre-Workout harnesses the effect of multiple proven pre-workout ingredients to deliver an unforgettable workout experience. The formula contains key vitamins and minerals, creatine to enhance muscle strength, L-citrulline malate and beta-alanine to promote greater muscle endurance, and a potent mix of energy enhancing ingredients to provide mental clarity and greater focus. To top it all off, 25mg of AstraGin per serve acts to promote the absorbtion and utilization of the active ingredients to help ensure that each serve is potent in delivering an effect.
Shotgun Supplements highly recommends Gold Standard Pre-workout as a quality supplement to offer enhanced workout performance. This is the ultimate choice for hard training men and women who are looking to make the very most of their time in the gym.
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First try  Connor Gordon-Stables, Upper Hutt
First try using Gold Standard, was overall a great buy having the green apple. good taste but got boring after awhile had to spice it up with some Red Bull jk. but overall good results.
2016-07-14 12:36:51.0  2016-07-14 12:36:51.0

Too Sweet!  Alex Wang, Christchurch
This pre workout drink is ok. For me, it kicks in a little late (about an hour). But it is really sweet. I had one scoop with 2 glasses of water and it is still too sweet. This is the Melon flavour. Not sure about others.
2016-01-16 20:27:21.0  2016-01-16 20:27:21.0

Solid  Carlos B, Taupo
Solid pre workout, I take 2 scoops and it gives me a pretty good kick for about half hour. Dosent last as long as some others but works better for me in the first half hour than some of the others have over the span of my whole workout. If you want an intense quick pump this is good. (Works well for me as i smash all my big excercises first and just supplement them with low weight high reps towards the end of my workouts anyway). If you want something that will last the workout and battle fatigue I wouldnt recommend this. However still one of if not the best preworkouts ive tried, Curse, 1MR, Vortex, Assault.
2015-10-05 20:29:52.0  2015-10-05 20:29:52.0

Top Pre Workout!  vishi jeet, Auckland
I was using the curse for a long time and have tried a few pre workouts, but this is the best till now, unlike the curse or the other more chemically manupiated pre workouts , this does not give you the drop or the low few hours later, its more 'sports friendly' and does not have some of the banned substances has quite a good mix with a little bit of creatine in there and vitamins too mixed with folic acid too.... Gives a solid pump maybe not as hardcore as the curse but you still feel normal and refreshed after the work out unlike the other pre workouts! Tastes very very good too and great consistency, 1 scoop is more then enough for me!
2015-03-02 15:17:28.0  2015-03-02 15:17:28.0
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