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PharmaFreak Ripped Freak 60 caps

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Ripped Freak is our most popular fat burtner & weight management product. Thousands of Kiwis trust Ripped Freak to deliver them truly fantastic results. Whether your focus is on losing weight, or simply reducing your body fat percentage (or both), this product can seriously help. 

Why Choose Rippped Freak:

•Promote Body Fat Reductions
•Sustained Energy Release
•Decrease Appetite
•Boost Metabolism
Shotgun Supplements recommends the use of this product in conjunction with a well implemented diet and exercise regime for optimal results. This product is not intended for use by individuals under 18 years of age. 

Dosage Instructions for Ripped Freak :

Take 1-2 capsules per day half an hour before food on an empty stomach with a glass of water. Getting the dosage right is important for ensuring the best possible results from this product. 
Caution :  Ripped Freak's formulation is so potent that even 1 capsule per day is usually enough for even hardcore supplement users.
This is a Hardcore Fat Burner... Do not exceed 2 capsules per day.
Each Box should last 30 - 60 days if correct dosage is followed.
* This product may contain ingredients restricted by certain sporting organisations. User must read the label clearly and assume all risks, liabilites or consequences through use of the product. Not intended for use by individuals under 18.

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Product Reviews
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First timer on this product.  Marara Gane, Christchurch
First day on the ripped freak. One pill on empty stomach 60mins before functional training workout at 5.45am today. Have notice I started to feel warm within my body. increase of boosted energy lifting heaver weights than I normally do. Sweat a lot, drank a lot of water to hydrate. No side effects yet to date. Has curbed my appetite for sweet foods. Have started to eat clean food and feel better for it. Focus is too be rid of the left over fat in the stomach area. Time will time. Will keep you posted for the next review.
2017-03-09 14:57:06.0  2017-03-09 14:57:06.0

Noticeable Difference  Gavin Lindsay, Palmerston North
As an avid coffee drinker (6 - 10 drinks a day), I found that this gave no bad vibes or feelings. Fell asleep at a normal time. I had one before breakfast, in the morning and then one in the afternoon around 4-6pm half and hour before going to the gym.

If you don't have food in your stomach beforehand you'll get that foul taste in your mouth from the pill dissolving, which isn't a problem if you eat.

As someone in the army who wanted that extra edge, was nice to see my stomach slowly trim back and see my abdominal muscles really start to show.

I noticed a massive change in my eating habits also. Reduced eating by a lot and thus was able to cut down to approximately 2000 calories a day. Considering I normally ate around 3 - 3500 calories a day, that's a good effort.

Will most likely buy some more for getting that finishing trim that I've decided I want, for summer.

Supps taken at the time:
Cellucor: C4 (fruit punch)
Cellucor Alpha Aminos (blue raspberry?)
Cellucor: Whey (molten choc)

2015-11-18 18:32:10.0  2015-11-18 18:32:10.0

awesome  andrew riches, Porirua
been using since 12th october this year and have lost at 6kg in that time wasv 128kg now down to 122 kg all down to this product with eating healthier and regular exercise taken with syntha 6
2015-11-04 15:25:50.0  2015-11-04 15:25:50.0

Mixed feelings  gregor brosnahan, Christchurch
This review based solely on first ever time using it and day 1. I took as directed 45 mins later as I was driving to gym, I was thinking got burnt on a much over hyped product, however as soon as I warmed up on rower, a surge if energy had me thinking otherwise, I actually had to stop as the rush/nausea was a lil worrying. From there I tore up the weights with fantastic focus. Ate clean all day with no snacking, hope it lasts, ma review towards end of bottle. P.s this us taken stacked with Dendrobium 600
2015-06-29 21:05:27.0  2015-06-29 21:05:27.0

Great stuff!!! ive been stuck at 100kgs for aaaaaages!!! tried different fat burners and other supplements, nothing worked. I read the reviews on here and thought i'll give it a try. I am half way through my 2nd 28cap bottle and now weighing 87kgs. I only exercise 30mins a day 4 days a week, taking one cap a day every morning. I'm not on any special diet, I just try my best to eat less. I highly recommend this supplement.
2015-05-31 19:05:32.0  2015-05-31 19:05:32.0

Energy Booster  Lauren B, Auckland
This stuff is great, first two days taking it I felt a little nauseous until I had worked out. On my 4th day today and have lost 2kg already along with clean eating. Only taking one pill as that is enough to keep me going.
2015-01-28 16:30:15.0  2015-01-28 16:30:15.0
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