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Mutant Mass 15lb

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When it comes to packing on muscle and increasing your strength, a good mass gainer can make all the difference. And when it comes to choosing the right mass gainer supplement for your needs, there is one choice that stands head and shoulders above the rest …

… Mutant Mass is one of the world’s most popular mass gainers, and a runaway favourite with Shotgun customers. 

Here’s What Makes Mutant Mass So Popular:

•Mixes easily and tastes delicious, with a variety of flavours – Mutant products are famed for their gourmet taste, and Mutant Mass is no exception.
•High quality weight gainer developed specifically to help build and repair muscle.
•Assists in adding mass, even if you’re a complete hard gainer.
•Packed with calcium to develop strong bones.
•Also available in 17lb and 5lb sizes.

Mutant Mass Features:

•1050 clean calories per serve, to help you pack on quality size and strength.
•Formulated with vextrago – a low sugar carb designed to improve glycogen loading.
•Contains Iso-Stack-10, a comprehensive blend of amino acids.
•Packed full of Lipotherm, which is a unique mixture of healthy fats that are designed to help support a healthy metabolism. Lipotherm contains MCTs, CLA, and flax oil in an unbeatable blend. 
•One serve contains 52,000mg of amino acids. 
If you are struggling to add size and muscle strength (despite your best efforts in the gym and kitchen) then make sure that Mutant Mass is part of your supplement stack. Unleash the true potential of your body with the power of Mutant Mass.

Stack It Up:

Want to take your results to the next level? Stack Mutant Mass with the following supplements for out-of-this-world gains in size and strength:

Mutant Test – supercharge your testosterone levels with this natural blend of potent test boosting ingredients. Smash the tin and unleash your inner beast!
Mutant ZMA+ - sleep like a baby and enjoy the extra gains that enhanced sleep quality brings to the table with this fantastic value ZMA supplement.
Mutant Crea-Kong – with a whopping 75 serves, this unique creatine blend will promote strength and muscle gains, as well as enhanced recovery. 

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The Worst   Jagjit Singh, Auckland
The worst mass gainer , has to much sugar and fat. products like serious mass or supermass is much better. Tried this product couple of times , taste is great but i just gained fat from it , not very useful. the product price is very reasonable for the amount of servings but product quality is not the best , would not buy it again.
2016-05-02 11:38:16.0  2016-05-02 11:38:16.0

Testing  mikaere bell, Te Kuiti
just started using mutant mass this Monday, so far taste has been great! I ordered strawberry and banana flavor 15lb. I take 4 scoops with 600ml of water and is quite easy to chug down. haven't had any gas problems so that's A+ haha but looking forward to seeing if this supplement lives up to its name! will post another review once I have completed the bag . cheers
2015-08-12 13:57:15.0  2015-08-12 13:57:15.0

Good  Jackson Anderson, Highbury -Palmerston North
Been using it for two years, the only real solid Mass Gainer out there, great tasting, BUT, recently got the Hazelnut flavour and it is the most horrid tasting shake ever, can not finish a whole shake. Chocolate all the way
2015-06-07 22:49:56.0  2015-06-07 22:49:56.0
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