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Snow White has been formulated specifically for hardcore users. This high strength formula is one of the most powerful weight management products on the market today. The fast acting effects of Snow White will have you feeling more energized, less hungry and seeing the weight loss benefits of a boosted metabolism.

Why Choose Snow White Ultra:

• Potent weight management blend of proven ingredients in safe and effective doses.
• Help suppress your appetite and curb cravings - abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym ... Snow White Ultra can help keep your diet on track for optimal results.
• Full 30-day supply in each bottle, meaning great value for money. 
• Supercharge your energy levels and achieve more each day.
• Fast acting formula for quick results. 
• Also available in powdered drink form here

Snow White Dosage Instructions

Shotgun supplements recommends Show White for advanced trainees who are looking to enhance their weight loss. This full strength formula will go to work from the very first dose. Just take 2 capsules per day 30 minutes before breakfast and you'll soon know why this product is truly hardcore!
*POTENCY WARNING* This is an extremely powerful weight management formula designed for hardcore users only. NEVER exceed the recommended daily dosage.

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Serving Suggestion : take 1 - 2 capsules on an empty stomach before breakfast. Due to the strength of this product take one capsule only before breakfast for the first three days to asses tolerance and then add an extra capsule if needed. DO NOT EXCEED 2 CAPSULES IN ANY 24 HOUR PERIOD.


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Love Snow white  Kim R, Christchurch
I started taking this at the start of the year, while at the same time, starting to bike to work. I was constantly hungry (from morning exercise) and lacked energy. I immediately felt the effects. I was only hungry at normal/appropriate times and had way more energy. I think this is a great product. I am on my second bottle and I notice the cravings when I forget to take it. I also lost about 9kgs over the last 9 weeks ~ 10 % of my body weight. But I was training like mad and eating very clean.
2017-03-14 15:45:55.0  2017-03-14 15:45:55.0

Going well  Liv Mayes, Christchurch
Have just purchased my second bottle of this. Increased my energy for sure. Not sure about the weight loss, but I feel more motivated :)
2017-03-14 11:09:17.0  2017-03-14 11:09:17.0

Average  llew wright, Tokoroa
I got 2 bottles of this and used it when I started my 8 week weight loss meal plan. I have taken it every morning for the length of the plan and dont feel like it has made much of a difference. I seemed to have plateaued after week 3 but it is hard to tell as I looked at scale weight and not waist measurement. I guess by eating a clean diet I expected more.
2016-10-13 22:05:15.0  2016-10-13 22:05:15.0

Amazing & Thank You  Aj Darragh, Invercargill
I had been struggling for some time with my weight, a few injury forced lay offs from the gym and exercise in general(been a tough couple of years) and the weight just piled on. I was looking for something to "give me a kick up the backside" and ignite something from within me. I knew it was there, just couldn't find it.
This product has done that and more, I feel alive once again and just want to say thanks. You may have just saved my life. :-)

2016-06-27 16:17:46.0  2016-06-27 16:17:46.0

:)  erica annas, Hamilton
i didnt really see a difference in energy to be honest , or weight, i felt like i had to starve my self to see a difference
i do say after a mad workout ,it does help you recover fast as hell as if i didn't even workout :) so i reckon this is a better recovery supplement rather hen then a weight loss .

2016-02-10 16:01:45.0  2016-02-10 16:01:45.0

Love this stuff  Akisha Moore, Amberley
Taken along with hard work, these really help with your progress, love love love!
2016-01-09 13:28:56.0  2016-01-09 13:28:56.0

Soo good soo far  Kirsty H, Nelson
So, i started using these a few weeks ago.
Im no little person, i have alot to lose. Started on my journey last year, intention of no quick fix, fit and healthy for life. I started severly obese, eating right, excercising 5-6 times a day. No weighing myself, look at long term goal.
I starting looking for good support products when i had lost a bit, for more focus and energy. I tried several products, but was told this wasnt that great. When there was a special deal a few weeks ago i purchased these. Amazing. I have to say. I dont get cravings, energy levels up, good mind focus during the day, and my torso feels tight, on the inside (still alot to lose) which keeps me motivated to keep going. Awesome product.

2015-06-19 14:37:01.0  2015-06-19 14:37:01.0

Great product  Melanie Leadley, Napier
Been on this for 4 weeks now and just bought another bottle! Instantly more energy throughout the day and all my cravings stopped! I have lost about 4kg in 4 weeks but that is with diet and training at the gym about 4 times week! Not sure if its helped much with weight loss but im buying another dose cause its been so good with my cravings and energy!
2015-06-13 08:57:55.0  2015-06-13 08:57:55.0
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