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Cobra Labs The Ripper 150g

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** R18 FORMULA ** Potent Fat Burner, Do Not Exceed Recommended Dose.
The Ripper is the newest supplement from Cobra Labs, the creators of the incredibly popular The Curse. The Ripper contains a potent mix of fat burning ingredients designed to increase fat mobilisation, increase your metabolic rate, suppress your appetite and increase energy and focus to keep you performing optimally all day long while dieting down.
• Full Strength Fat Burner
• Fast Acting
• All Day Energy
• Appetite Control
• Full 30 Day Supply
The Ripper contains a generous full 30 day supply, and has been designed to kick into effect from the very first dose! This multi-effect fat burner formula holds true to Cobra Labs reputation for quality and effectiveness, order yours today and get ready to experience one of the ultimate fat burner products on the current market.
Potency Warning: this is a full strength formula, never exceed 2 scoops in any 24hr period (as per directions below). Not recommended for users under 18yrs of age. For best results use in conjunction with a well implemented diet and exercise regime.
For fat annihilation: stack with other supplements like BSN Syntha 6 Protein, Shotgun L-Carnitine, and Shotgun Beta Alanine. 
Directions for use:  Mix (1) serving (1) scoop with 6-8 ounces (approx 180-250mls) of cold water 15-30 minutes before breakfast for the first two (2) days to assess tolerance.
An additional 1 scoop may be taken 5-6 hours later or as directed by a qualified healthcare practitioner.
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Product Reviews
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WORKS LIKE MAGIC  Tyson Leroy Quinn, Tongariro National Park
I was struggling with Sugar cravings for the past few years, I also loved my takeaway foods.. My friend told me i was getting bigger, so he helped me by giving me this site and telling me to buy this product, i weighed 98KG so i had so much to loose to get to my goal that i will be satisfied with 75KG, I started drinking plenty and plenty of water and i would Walk every single day which i still do today... 8months later... with in 3 months of taking this I lost so much weight... The more you put in the more you get out...Don't expect to take this and do nothing or change nothing it won't work What you put in is what you get out this product is a major support once in your system... i cut out my sugar intake.. Sugar is the number one Enemy if your trying to loose weight... to satisfy my sugar cravings i would eat a Fruit... for lunch i had 1 Cranberry Sqare meal which you buy at local shop... i achieved my Goal with in 3months ... this is worth it... Don't drink orange juice or Alcohol or Fizzy drinks and eat the same you've always eaten... change your diet, cut back on sweet foods... if you don't change and put your 100% into your mission Don't expect this to work.. it can't do it all for you ...You will just be wasting your money... Get your moneys worth by taking this product and changing your diet, drinking only water.. and walking or running everyday .. I walked and look where i am now... Happy and the stress of being fat is gone... You can do it too...
2016-07-27 11:44:33.0  2016-07-27 11:44:33.0

Time will tell.....  Pete Ormond, Napier
Have used several products before and 1st time user of The Ripper with melon flavour that is ok.
1st week in on this product and so far not that impressed. 1st scoop at 7am and about 30 mins later start to get the tingles like you would with a pre trainer which lasts for about 30 mins. Not quite sure when the intense energy burst happens like some of the other reviews but have 2nd scoop at 1pm, same as above. Label states 2 scoops per day. Have tried 3rd scoop at 8pm and trained. Training has been good and into bed by 11pm. Nil issues with getting to sleep. Have a pretty good diet so will see how weight management goes.
Compared with Ripped Freak, you can feel your body core temperature increase with good focus during training. Have taken at 7pm and still awake at 3am so some difference there.(Not saying it is better, but what I have experienced).
As I say this is my 1st week on this product will update further on to see if I raise the rating and buy again.

2016-04-07 14:36:12.0  2016-04-07 14:36:12.0

awesome product FOR 35 DOLLARS ON SPECIALS  Cool product, hamilton
really good product for now. Just be careful though sometimes they change expensive ingredients and opt for low quality one and cheaper ones. But for now it is a good product. I got it for 35 dollars on specials. So its 1 dollar.05 cents for a serving and so its worth it :)
2015-12-01 10:59:54.0  2015-12-01 10:59:54.0

Weeeeooooeeeww  Emma-Lee Colquhoun, Hawera
this stuff is amazing. i have a real sensitive stomach and hate getting the tingles. this stuff is great! i have it with a lot of water- and i still get a nice boost. the boost doesn't last that long, but it great for me. great appetite suppressant- i actually eat before i take it because i wont eat after and i need food. i have the pink mango slice- not too sweet. just perfect. i have used oxyshred also but that gave me headaches so its been hard to find something that is equivalent but doesn't have nasty side effects! 100% recommend- i'm also not a hard core user so i only take 1 scoop in the morning (for now) - i sweat so much at the gym for the 1st 20 minutes.for any one who doesn't want to go real hard core with tingles and ***ly skin but wants a good workout. haven't lost weight yet- haven't had it long- but feel more energized. do not take after 2pm- i took it at 3pm and kept waking up at night so follow instructions on tub :) everyone is different and will react differently to this so this is just how i felt :) if you like oxyshred you'll like this more :)- also got good ingredients- real simple how it should be
2015-11-05 10:33:14.0  2015-11-05 10:33:14.0

Best thing!  shae voyce, New Plymouth
Best thing i'v had man, 5 kg down in 10 days. gives the best boost pre gym, I had other pre gym supplements but don't need to take them after the ripper it does the trick and more. great product, recommend. Also tastes amazing.
2015-09-25 08:55:50.0  2015-09-25 08:55:50.0

Try it!  Rachel Stephens, Auckland
This stuff is awesome! I have just started my second tub. On my first, I lost 7kg (around 4 weeks). The energy it gave me lasted all day, and because I work out at 5am it definitely kickstarts me when I take it. Pineapple flavour wasn't too bad but too sweet for me so I added extra water. The mango is delish! I really recommend this, it didn't really suppress my appetite but although I eat well and workout I doubt I would've lost 7kg that fast with out it. Tingles for the first couple of days but nothing after that. I'm hoping the second tub is just as effective!
2015-09-09 11:20:15.0  2015-09-09 11:20:15.0

Best Value !  Khylian Edwards, Wellington
I have had the product for little over a week and have a lready lost 4Kg of body fat!
Balanced Diet, and hard explosive cardio to optimise results and still build muscle while cutting weight. By far the most effective Fat burner I have tried, and I have tried a few!!
Tastes great.

I have had a slight tingling of the fingers 30mins after consumption but that is stated on the package, doesn't worry me. Take as directed on the pack and you sould be sweet. Will update at the end of the cycle.

2015-07-16 09:53:48.0  2015-07-16 09:53:48.0

Love this  Courtney Murray, Christchurch
I love the Ripper! I am currently on my second tub. I tried the Lime flavour first, and now have Pineapple. I prefer the Pineapple flavour, as it's not as intense - the Lime flavour tastes much stronger, which makes me feel like perhaps it's more effective, but I'm not sure! I have 2x servings per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I don't eat much else during the day, because the appetite suppressant is really good! Also, I should mention, I do feel a little sick if I eat (even a small amount of food) after/before having this, so in general I aim for no food an hour before and an hour after taking this! But as the appetite suppressant works so well for me it's not a worry! The energy release is also great! In the first few days before my body got used to it, I had more energy than I knew what to do with! In regards to its effectiveness as a weight loss supplement, I'm not sure, as I have been exercsing as well while taking this, but I have definitely lost weight during this time period! In regards to side effects: When I first started taking this, I got hot flushes and pins and needles/tingling in my face for aboout half an hour after taking it. Also a huge energy boost, but no jitters. Once my body got used to the supplement, the energy boost lessened to something more manageable, but definitely still effective. The hot flush disappears after maybe two weeks, and the tingles get less dramatic over time. The side effects are definitely worth the benefits. Even if I lost little to no weight on this product, I would still take it based on the effectiveness of its appetite suppressant and energy boost alone! I definitely recommend.
2015-06-11 17:03:30.0  2015-06-11 17:03:30.0

Sweet As  Charmin One, chch
Going good so far, bout 3 weeks of taking, lots of energy for training and not much eating. I've got this. 8 kg's down #courgaronway #jokes
2015-06-01 12:15:35.0  2015-06-01 12:15:35.0

MR  Luke Van Stratum, Welly
I've used this product for over a month it's great. There is a tingling sensation, but I've gotten used to it, and I notice If i haven't taken it.

Taking a step in the direction of being healthier, I would definitely recommend this product.

2015-03-16 23:16:38.0  2015-03-16 23:16:38.0
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