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The Curse 250grams

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Are you ready to unleash hell in the gym? The Curse from Cobra Labs is one of our top-rated pre workout supplements, and has won acclaim worldwide for its incredibly potent formula that gets you in the zone, and gets you ready to release your inner gym demon

Why Choose The Curse:

•Promotes enhanced energy levels and focus during even the most gruelling of workouts.
•Incredible, easy-drinking taste with great flavour choices.
•Made from top quality, safe ingredients in proven doses.
•A whopping 50 servings per container, meaning great value for you.
•Experience skin-tearing pumps as you hit the weights with furious intensity.
If you’re looking for a quality pre workout that tastes great and will help you take your workouts to the next level, then you NEED to give The Curse a try today. 

Stack It Up:

Want to get even better results from your next tub of The Curse? Stack it up with the following products:

Shotgun Whey 2kg – Looking for a quality, affordable protein powder that will help you grow and recover after a Curse-fuelled workout session? Our very own whey has got to be part of your next order! 
Shotgun Creatine 500g – If there’s one supplement that needs to be in your arsenal, it would have to be creatine. Boost your performance with our very own premium creatine. 
Shotgun Beta Alanine  – Increase the effectiveness of pre workouts such as The Curse by adding additional beta alanine. 
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Product Reviews
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Apple flavour  llew wright, Tokoroa
This was the first pre-workout that I have tried and I have noticed a little bit of difference. A couple of times I forgot to take it before training and I didnt notice it that much. I would probably lean towards not using it in the future.
2016-10-13 21:57:32.0  2016-10-13 21:57:32.0

Still the best  Ash Ede, New Plymouth
Still the best available on the market. Tropical does taste my gym bag smells but the other flavors are great. It is a long lasting pwo so not too late at night or you'll be contemplating your life choices at 3am.
2016-08-04 14:37:18.0  2016-08-04 14:37:18.0

PreGood Supp  Ryan Grantham, Invercargill
Only really needed if you are tired after a long day or arent eating right. Has a mean kick after about 15mins and definitely get the tingles from the beta-alinine. Overpriced i think personally but appart from the goes good
2016-07-05 12:12:04.0  2016-07-05 12:12:04.0

mean  Josh Roy, Waihi
always works... everytime i use this i have a mean sesh, i always make sure i leave gym felling fully exhausted or else can be hard to get to sleep and sometimes have had a few jitters or shakes if u please. over all recommend this product have two scoops=good fun if u have three you'll definitely know it. non mp assault atm but will go on this when tub finish.
2015-12-18 13:34:57.0  2015-12-18 13:34:57.0

Be careful which flavour  Sam Guest, Tauranga
Good pre-workout. Tropical Storm tastes like ass. Get Blue raspberry or orange mango.
2015-11-27 17:51:29.0  2015-11-27 17:51:29.0

Average taste, great results  charlie scott, Gisborne
tropical storm tastes like cough medicine, but works a treat
2015-11-09 00:44:58.0  2015-11-09 00:44:58.0

preety good  mikaere bell, Te Kuiti
was my first time trying this supplement. notice a huge difference when hitting the gym, energy levels were off the charts haha mean pumps and vibes while killing the iron. after a few weeks I went to the gym without taking it and could definitely feel the difference, had no motive or energy as I would while taking it. deffs a must buy if you want a major energy boost fast! I must say every now and again I do get the pins and needles etc but nothing to major. can sometimes find it hard falling asleep but not major again. have now ordered the ripper so see how it plays out.. peace â??
2015-10-05 10:31:39.0  2015-10-05 10:31:39.0

Mixed Results  Christopher Williamson, Auckland CBD
Was great in the beginning, but it was affecting my sleep. After about week 3 I wasn't sleeping at night. I've stopped taking it now and my sleeping is back to normal. FYI my gym time is around 12pm, so I wasn't taking it before bed. I would keep the dosage low.
2015-06-10 09:32:16.0  2015-06-10 09:32:16.0

Love this stuff!   Tamara Bolton, Te Awamutu
Absolutely love this pre work out, always have 2 scoops before my workout and in a matter of 10 minutes im pumped to get into the gym and give it my all. The only downfall I have with this product is that sometimes i get really itchy but this doesn't bother me too much .
2015-05-28 09:42:35.0  2015-05-28 09:42:35.0

curse  gordon epiha, Hamilton East
it was ok to start with...got tingly fingers and started to get ***ly in the face like i needed to rip into the weights. it was good had the mind focus going on and had me pushing more..after a couple more workouts it's stopped...just the tingly feeling but no explosive feeling. i might try c4 had some good reviews...i'd still take the curse but probably take it once or twice zip week.
2015-05-22 00:17:09.0  2015-05-22 00:17:09.0

great supplement  dylan moran, Te Rapa
I love this product i tried the sample first and i got the pump and energy promised but the focus i got was outstanding i had one of the best workouts i have had ive purchased this product and im still enjoying it, great flavor in both tropical storm and the lemon flavor, mixes very well, i get the tingles i told i may get before my workout but that doesn't worry me to much otherwise best purchase ive made in a while.

2015-05-12 17:27:04.0  2015-05-12 17:27:04.0

WOW  Tim Ferguson, Brooklyn -Wgtn
This pre-workout is fantastic! I'm very impressed by the results, got the tingles from the Beta-alanine and a good boost in energy. Awesome that it has Creatine as well. Tastes great!! Wicked product, highly recommend.
2015-04-30 19:55:55.0  2015-04-30 19:55:55.0

Good stufff  Daniel Kersten, Kew -Invercargill
Had the blue raspberry, really rate it big kick for after a long day working n need somthing xtra to get ya going.. No crash either
2015-03-30 15:03:18.0  2015-03-30 15:03:18.0

Mega Workout  Kirsty Barry, Papamoa Beach
Wow this stuff is amazing. I'm sensitive to these types of powders. My weights were tiny and my personal trainer wanted me to up my weights (freaked me out as I could hardly lift the weights I was on). Took this stuff one morning and I was on fire! I doubled my weights and went back and did a second round. Wish I had found this in the beginning .... oh and my housework is all done too :)
2015-02-11 12:32:14.0  2015-02-11 12:32:14.0

Mixed Results  Andy Long, Auckland
First few times it worked great. Definitely got an extra 20% or so on the workout (might have been placebo? who knows).
After a couple of weeks using it 3-5 times per week, it seems to have stopped working for me, so won't be buying any more.

2014-11-03 17:12:03.0  2014-11-03 17:12:03.0

Great stuff  Andrew P, Auckland
It gives me the extra kick when I need it. Definitely the best stuff after a hard day at work when I am tired but still want to go to gym. Gives you that extra kick mentally and physically. Don't drink it too late because you won't be able to sleep well. (most likely because of the caffeine)
2014-10-04 16:21:53.0  2014-10-04 16:21:53.0

Its great  Jesse Lingard, Te aroha
I love it
2014-09-28 01:46:44.0  2014-09-28 01:46:44.0

The Curse 250g  L B, Nplymouth
Still my favourite pre workout formula, definitely works better on an empty tummy. Great focus, noticeable strength gains, training overall is much better!
2014-08-21 13:24:28.0  2014-08-21 13:24:28.0

The Curse  William Townsend, Wellingotn
bought some samples of the curse, overall i wouldn't rate it very highly. i saw no real change in my energy levels even after 20minutes and my body normally only requires 5-10mins for pre-workout to have effect. limited benefits on my pump and no real gain in terms of crazy desire to go and rip *** up in the gym. face tingles do occur, my face became quite itchy for about 5 minutes as well. won't be buying it, pharmafreak's superfreak is still my no.1
2014-08-19 13:24:42.0  2014-08-19 13:24:42.0

Didn't work  Paul ,, ,
Not satisfied with this product. Didn't work for me anyway. 1 scoop on first day - nothing, 2 scoops second day- nothing. 3 scoops third day - nothing. Had to give it away. May work fine for others but not me, so be aware it might not work for you either. I'm 78kg so not exactly a heavy weight either. No burst of mental or physical energy at all. Make sure you google for other reviews online too. On the plus side, shipping was excellent as usual and apple flavour tasted good and I received a free small shaker. Worth a try but won't be buying again. Not a great introduction into the world of PWO supps.
2014-07-17 13:10:41.0  2014-07-17 13:10:41.0

Good Stuff  Dark Arkell, Queenstown
Was lacking energy at the gym on occasion. Bought 10 x sample packs. Had 2 nights in a row crappy sleeps so was zapped. Did a 8 gram serve 10 minutes before my mid day workout and was tingling in no time. Had a very intense workout lifting heavier and more than ever. I liked it!! Felt great for the rest of the day too and slept like a log that night. I will use it sparingly though when I really need it. The lemon rush is an very nice taste.
2014-07-09 06:20:30.0  2014-07-09 06:20:30.0
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